What are the most played songs at funerals? Here is the list

The ranking of the ten most played songs at funerals was compiled by Co-op Funeralcare, the largest funeral home in the United Kingdom, which updates this list every year.

This ranking includes historical and even very recent songs. Some are cover, others have not been broadcast on the radio, but are part of shows and musical

Browse this gallery to know what are the most played and listened to songs during one of the most difficult moments of our lives.

The most played songs at funerals
The ranking of the most played songs at funerals was compiled by Co-op Funeralcare, the largest funeral home in the United Kingdom, which updates this list every year. The ranking includes historical songs, but also some more recent ones. Browse this photo gallery to know what are the most played and listened to songs during one of the most difficult moments of our lives.
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Eric Idle
This song, written by Eric Idle and sung by the group Monty Python, first appears at the end of the 1979 Monty Python's Life of Brian film, when Brian Cohen (played by Graham Chapman) was sentenced to death. After Chapman's death in 1989, the remaining Python and close friends and relatives sang the song at his private funeral.
We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lynn
This is one of the most famous songs from the Second World War period and is about the soldiers who went to fight, their families and their wives. The title of the song refers to the hope of seeing the loved one again in an indefinite place, which could be paradise: in fact, many soldiers did not survive and did not return to see their families again. 
You Raise Me Up – Westlife
" You Raise Me Up " is a song originally performed by Norwegian duo Secret Garden. One of the most successful versions, however, is the one made in 2005 by boy bandWestlife. 
Unforgettable – Nat King Cole
The 1961UnforgettableNat King Cole   recording  was used to create a duet with his daughter Natalie in 1991 (Nat King Cole died in 1965). The cover of this virtual duet has had a worldwide success, winning three Grammy Award: Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance.
Supermarket Flowers – Ed Sheeran 
This moving song was written by Ed Sheeran after the death of her beloved grandmother. The lyrics of the song tell the story from the point of view of Ed's mother: the song also mentions the singer-songwriter's father, John Sheeran, and his older brother Matthew.
Angels – Robbie Williams
Angels is the song that launched Robbie Williams's solo career and remains his best-selling single in the UK today. Several coverhave been made of this beautiful song: the most famous are those of Anastacia and Jessica Simpson.
Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler
The song was featured in the film Beaches, which tells the troubled story of two friends from different social backgrounds. The ending of this film is truly moving, as is the song, which won two Grammy Awards.
Over The Rainbow – Eva Cassidy
" Over the Rainbow is a 1939 song sung by Judy Garland for the film Wizard of Oz. The song has been the subject of many cover: the most played at the funeral is the version of Eva Cassidy, a singer who had international success only after his death, which occurred at just 33 years old.
Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman 
 Time To Say Goodbyeis the English version of the song "Con te partirò"", sung by Andrea Bocelli. The song is very intense and emotional and Andrea Bocelli has also made a version of this song in duet with Céline Dion .
My Way – Frank Sinatra
The text ofMy Way tells the story of  a man who thinks back to his life, his mistakes and his successes: a man, in short, who has no remorse and does not deny what he has done because he is always faithful to his desires. The idea for the text comes from an outburst ofSinatra, which was beginning to lose audience as young people in the late sixties were beginning to appreciate genres and sounds very different from those of  Frank.
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