Hypnosis, home invasions, and borrowed songs: the anecdotes you may not  know about rock musicians (and more)

Coldplay, Bono, Elvis Presley and beyond: all the leading figures in music history have had special lives and something sensational to tell.

Especially musicians rock we know that they often lead lives that are off the charts, almost bordering on the insane (sometimes even beyond that).

Browse through the photo gallery to learn anecdotes about the greatest rock stars ever, from the 1960s to the present day!

Did you already know them or will you discover them today?

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The anecdotes you may not know about musicians rock (and beyond)
Beatles, Nirvana, Elvis Presley and beyond: all the leading figures in music history have had special lives and something sensational to tell. Especially musicians rock we know well that they often lead lives outside the box, almost bordering on insanity (sometimes even beyond that). Browse through the photo gallery to learn anecdotes about some of the most famous musicians, from the 1960s to the present day!
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Jim Morrison never had a permanent home
Despite his lavish earnings, frontman of Doors did not like having a permanent place to stay. In fact, Morrison lived a life traveling around the world, often sleeping in poor-quality hotels. In fact, it is reported that Jim had a room reserved at the Tropicana Motel in Los Angeles, a building next to a strip club and a homosexual club. At other times, he liked to sleep under the stars at Venice Beach.
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Janis Joplin once smashed a bottle over the head of Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison certainly could not have invited Janis Joplin to sleep under the stars. In fact, the singer-songwriter smashed a bottle of liquor on his head Southern Comfort. Why this gesture? Apparently they had both had too much to drink, so Jim began to be pushy with Janis: she, after rejecting her colleague several times, was forced to break the bottle over his head to make him stop being inappropriate. Even this did not stop Morrison, who seemed totally in love with Janis: the frontman of the Doors, the day after this event, tried to contact the voice of "Cry Baby" through his producer, but she was not at all interested in a possible romantic relationship with him.
Nirvana were kicked out of the promotional event for their album Nevermind
During a party for the launch of the famous album Nevermind, Kurt Cobain and companions began to throw food at each other and were kicked out for it. Not only that, it seems that that night the lead singer of Nirvana even began throwing eggs at the cars of the guests.
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Bruce Springsteen tried to break into the mansion of Elvis Presley
Springsteen was a huge fan of Elvis, to the point that he wore on the album cover Born To Run a pin of the Presley fan club based at New York. One night, Springsteen climbed over the hedges of Elvis 's mansion at Memphis, but was stopped by a guard. Unfortunately for Bruce, The King was not home at that time.
Elvis Presley Was not the author of his own songs
Speaking of Elvis, few people know that the King of Rock was not the author of his hit songs. A support team worked for him, although it is known that Presley wrote beautiful poetry.
The Beatles wrote Rolling Stones' first hit song
It is I Wanna be your Man, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1963. McCartney revealed that he and Lennon were walking around London when they noticed a cab with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger on board . The two Beatles got into the cab and Jagger asked if they had a song to give to Stones: that song was indeed I Wanna be your Man, which became the first hit of Jagger and co.
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Eagles' Hotel California is a mystery
Eagles never disclosed the meaning of the song Hotel California, although the song is considered a criticism of the California music industry. Don Felder claimed that the song was inspired by a person who marked his personal life. It has not been revealed who that person was, but Felder admitted that the song's inspiration was an Italian girl, characterized by a mysterious side. Some web theories claim instead that the song has hidden satanic references.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers dedicated two songs to Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix
Let's talk about Tearjerker and Transcending. The Red Hot were related to the two artists who died when they were young. In particular Flea, the bassist of band, was in an ambulance with River Phoenix, an actor and brother of Joaquin Phoenix, the night River died of an overdose.
Bono Vox has been nominated for every award possible, including the Nobel
Nominated for the Nobel prize for peace, included in the list of the 100 most influential people in the music world by Time, but not only that: in 2005, U2's frontman was awarded Person of the Year with Bill and Melinda Gates. An incredible career, considering that Bono has also received nominations for Oscar, Golden Globe, and Grammy. But that's not enough: On March 29, 2007, the Irish singer received a title of Sir from Queen Elizabeth II.
Steven Tyler Once when drunk didn't recognize a song from his band
On June 10, 1993, Aerosmith were on the road during a tour. While they were on the bus, Steven Tyler heard on the radio just a song by Aerosmith, Dream On. The singer told Joe Perry that that song was beautiful and Aerosmith should do a cover of it. The bassist Tom Hamilton reminded Tyler that Dream On was one of their songs, which the band had also performed the night before during a concert!
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Coldplay got hypnotized while recording some songs
It was the producer Brian Eno who recommended the technique of hypnosis to Chris Martin and co. during the recording sessions of the album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Notably, the beautiful track Viva la Vida also appears to have been made using the support of hypnosis.
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