The seven most used musical instruments in the world

In the world of organology, or the study of musical instruments in all their manifestations and families of belonging, there are several musical genres that have always required the presence of a certain type of sound to make the most of the atmospheres and structure of certain pieces. 

Popular music, as well as classical music, up to the manifestations of the most evident energy such as rock, has always been nourished by the participation of well-known musical instruments, which we are going to examine in the following seven points.

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The most popular musical instruments
The classical guitar
It is one of the most easily accessible chordophones for children and young people, from which it is often used to learn the rudiments of written and played music.
The flute
It is taught in elementary, middle school, and sometimes even high school if you choose a musical address. Represents a member of the wind family, very flexible in sound and quick to learn
The violin
It is as popular in mass culture as among students who want to learn to express themselves in a more harmonious and melodious way.
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The bass guitar
Even the bass in its two forms, electric or acoustic, has a respectable place among the most popular instruments
The electronic keyboard
Rising to prominence to efficiently reproduce the sounds of a classical piano while adding effects typical of musical instruments dedicated to musical genres such as disco, trance and hip hop, it is very popular with young and old
The ukulele
It consists of a small case and an equally small neck on which four strings are stretched. Used transversely in different genres, including pop and rock, the ukulele is rising more and more in the tastes of musicians.
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The harpsichord
It has quickly regained share among artists who seek for their performances the typical sounds of the Baroque rock , with the addition of a personality and a touch unknown in modern music.
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