Five of the world's most famous music festivals

Music unites generations and hearts. While for many people listening to music is a private pastime, some want to share it with the rest of the world and experience it by dancing amidst the crush, heat, sweat and fun.

Music gatherings, or festivals, have become annual fixtures for now millions of young enthusiasts, who travel the world in search of the best and most spectacular date ever.

There is a veritable world of festivals around the globe, but there are undoubtedly some that have become more famous and important than the others, and that bring together the best artists in existence today. In this short gallery we show you which are the most beautiful and well-known events and festivals in the world.

Yurigu -
The most important and famous electronic music festival on the Old Continent, held in Belgium. Since 2005 this three-day festival of dance and electronic music, now contaminated however by many other genres and somewhat debased in its initial intentions, gathers hundreds of thousands of people amid dancing and boundless freedom. For the 3-day event, the cost is about 3-400 euros, including accommodation in tents.
Burning Man
Born in 1991, it is held in the middle of the desert at Black Rock, in Nevada, about 200 kilometers north of Reno. Each year, participants help build "Black Rock City", a temporary city symbolic of an alternative society and the centerpiece of what can now be called a true ritual. Returning after the Pandemic, last year's theme was "Walking Dreams", and spectacular photos of this year's installations focused on ecological sustainability can be found on the web.
Andreas Lawen, Fotandi -
Rock Aim Ring
The 2023 edition will take place June 2-4 in the exact same place as always, which for the few who do not know is located at the Nürburgring motor racing circuit , was born precisely as an event celebrating its inauguration. Rock music lovers, come forward.
It is held every year in early April on the fields of the Empire Polo Club in Indio, in California. Coachella is named after the iconic snake of Mexico City. Anyone who has ever seen an American movie or TV series has heard of this festival, or at least seen it on video.
Aneil Lutchman -
the most beautiful girls in show business
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