Ed Sheeran turns 32 today: 5 trivia facts you may not have known about him

Edward Christopher Sheeran was born in Halifax on Feb. 17, 1991 and lived the first years of his life in Hebden Bridge, in West Yorkshire.

Ed Sheeran  started when he was very young playing the guitar and in an interview at the Zane Lowe Show, he said he got into the world of music when he was about 11 years old.

Here are 5 trivia facts you may not have known about Ed Sheeran, a singer capable of conquering so many records with his songs.

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Happy birthday to Ed Sheeran!
Edward Christopher Sheeran was born in Halifax on Feb. 17, 1991 and lived the first years of his life in Hebden Bridge, in West Yorkshire. Ed started playing guitar when he was very young and since then he has never left his favorite instrument, making so many successful songs. Here are 5 interesting facts you may not have known about Ed Sheeran, a singer-songwriter capable of turning every song into a hit.
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Ed Sheeran Was born into a family of artists
Ed's father , John Sheeran, is an art curator, while her mother, Imogen Lock, is a jewelry designer. His older brother Matthew,, on the other hand, composes classical music.
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Who are the musical idols of Ed Sheeran?
As Ed Sheeran himself said in an interview with Zane Lowe Show, among the singers who introduced him to the world of music is Van Morrison, whom Ed listened to during his many trips to London with his parents, but not only that: one of the singer's earliest memories is a Damien Rice concert in Dublin, which he attended when he was 11 years old. Among his musical idols, however, are also Bob Dylan and The Beatles, which Ed earned to appreciate mainly thanks to his grandfather.
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The records of Shape of You
Shape of You is one of Ed Sheeran 's most famous songs and for many years it has been the most played song ever on Spotify: today the single has about 3 billion 376 million plays, but in January it was overtaken in first place by Blinding Lights by The Weeknd (3 billion 411 million streams). In any case, Shape of You is one of the most successful songs of all time, having won 106 platinum records, 9 diamond records and even a Grammy in the best interpretation category pop solo.
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Ed Sheeran is a sponsor and supporter of the Ipswich Town
The singer is a die-hard fan ofIpswich Town, but he has also become sponsor of his favorite soccer team: in fact, mathematical symbols that can be traced back to his album appear on his game jersey. In addition, Ed Sheeran was also officially inducted into the players' team, with the number 17. Clearly, this is only a symbolic gesture: Ed will not take the field, but he still likes to see his team live when they play in Portman Road.
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A passion for guitars
As we all know, Ed Sheeran loves to play the guitar. Few, however, are aware that the singer-songwriter names his guitars : the most important ones are called Lloyd, Felix, Cyril, Trevor, Keith, Nigel and James The Second. In addition, Ed in 2019 put on the market a line of acoustic guitars made by him in collaboration with the company Lowder: these guitars, called Sheeran guitars by Lowden, are distributed in 8 different models and are made from materials with high environmental sustainability.
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